Learn How To Activate The Velocity Sensitivity in Massive

In this short tutorial, learn how to use the velocity sensitivity in Massive to make your sounds more expressive and playable.

Something I noticed the very first time I ever used Massive was that no matter how hard or soft I played my keyboard, the sound from Massive stayed the same. The notes had no difference in velocity. As you can imagine, that doesn’t make for the most expressive of production tools. When I finally figured out how to turn on the velocity sensitivity in Massive it was like playing a whole new synthesizer.

The idea of velocity is basically this; the harder you play a note on your keyboard, the louder it is. This becomes very important in the world of MIDI information. It allows for more control over your sounds that will help keep mixes cleaner. Instruments like drums, guitars and pianos all naturally have a velocity control. The harder you hit, pluck or push the louder the sound

Luckily, it’s extremely easy to turn on the velocity sensitivity in Massive and it literally takes a second, but it can make all the difference with your sounds.

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  • lye

    I thought sc was side chain, not source? Good information regardless. Thanks.

    • http://ohmlabmusic.com/ OhmLab

      Yes, SC does stand for Side Chain.