Learn how to make NI Massive sound like the iconic synths of Bob Moog!

Bob Moog’s innovations in music synthesis revolutionized almost every genre of music. I’m pretty sure i don’t have to explaion who Bob Moog is or what his creations were (in case you do want to read up more, read this).

Whilst some might say that getting any kind of analog emulation out of Massive is impossible – you can get pretty close!

We’ve talked before about tips for analog emulation with Massive (in case you missed that one here it is againhttp://www.massivesynth.com/tutorials/noise-sterility-antidote-analogue-emulation-massive/). Couple those tips with the lessons you learn in these 4 tutorials below and you’ll be well on your way!

So let’s get started!

1. R’n'B Lead Moog Style Tutorial for NI Massive

This NI Massive video tutorial on how to create a classic, soulful Moog style lead R n’ B synth is great for both experienced users and those who are new to sound design alike.


2. Emulating the Moog Bass stab sound within NI Massive

Most of us have heard of the famous Moog synthesizer, and most of us know of the ever popular Moog bass stab / pluck sound which is extremely easy to get using a Moog synth. Well that sound is also easy to achieve within Massive as well.


3. How to Make a Flexible Moog Style Analog Bass in NI Massive

Moog is synonymous with awesome analog sounds, and with good reason! This tutorial shares how to make a flexible analog bass in NI Massive with the character of a funky Moog!


4. Make Massive Sound Like A Mini Moog

Tired of cold digital sounds? Warm up Massive by adding some analog character and learn how to make Massive sound like a Mini Moog in just a few minutes


4 ways to make NI Massive sound like a Moog

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