This is another helpful video tutorial showing you how to create an extremely versatile instrument in NI Massive through the use of proper Macro programming.



[aside title="3 Sounds in One!"] Keep your audience engaged and guessing at how you work your magic! [/aside]

Sometime you want your sounds to morph and evolve into something completely different at various stages of your songs, and using the Macro controls in Massive is the easiest way to get this done whether you are recording in the studio or playing live on stage.

YouTube user has taken the time to show how he created a popular sound in one of his recent songs which actually was only part of a very complex instrument he made in NI Massive. Walking you through each step of the process, he makes it very easy to understand and follow along so you can achieve the same sounds and know how to apply the same things to your own sounds later on. As always, if you like what he’s doing – support him!


How to make a 3-in-1 Synth in NI Massive (Growl, Screech and Bubbles)

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