Monark view B Overview (Part II)

Welcome to part II of our two-part Monark overview. In this video, I cover the functionality of all of the controls on the back panel.

Check out Part I of this video here.

The controls on Panel B are used to fine-tune various aspects of Monark. Since Monark was created to be as faithful a re-creation of the Minimoog Model D as possible, it has several features that may be undesirable in certain instances, such as oscillator drift, and imperfect key-tracking. Panel B allows us to reduce or remove these inherited quirks if we so choose.

Panel B has an interesting design, in that the controls are not recalled by snapshot or preset. Instead, there are three ‘Settings’ that can be loaded – these load values for each available control on the panel. Each preset can then recall one of these scenes – this means by editing one snapshot, you will be changing the values for every preset that uses the same ‘Setting’.

The three factory ‘Settings’ can be recalled at any time using the ‘RESET’ button. This allows you to fool around with Panel B without irrevocably editing all of your snapshots.

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