An awesome tutorial on how to build amazing sounding leads in FM8 through the use of the unique morphing tool by Brian from Trifonic.



This is such a great look inside the process of using the morphing and automation capabilities FM8 offers, and he takes the time to explain each step of his walk-through in a way that is very easy to understand even if you are new to frequency modulation synthesis.

A quick breakdown of the parameters and navigation used to create his lead synth sound is followed by a brief explanation of the carrier and modulator used to generate the main sounds. He also explains the different types of modulation in play and how they are being controlled and how they interact with the sound waves. Brian even takes the time to talk about the bandpass filter and EQ and how they affect the overall timbre. You can definitely classify this gem as an in-depth look at sound design in FM8.

You get to spend a few minutes, towards the end of the video, learning more about how the morphing matrix works, from loading sounds to automation. So not only do you get a chance to follow along and create something similar to his sounds, but you also gain insight as to why and how things work along the way.

We are hoping to see more of this kind of stuff from Trifonic in the near future, so check back soon!


Using The FM8 Morph Square to Create Sweet Leads Tutorial

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