Making the Prodigy Full Throttle Bass Sound in FM8

A modern, yet classic sound the Full Throttle bass is one that is at home in a wide range of projects from dark drum n’ bass and garage to driving big beat tracks.

This is one of those quick and easy tutorials that is simple enough for just about anyone to follow along with and gain enough insight from it to be able to apply the same approach to designing other sounds with FM8. It’s quite simple, really. All you need is one operator modulating another, a little envelope tweaking and some detuning to get the job done.

Begin with the default F Operator and the E Operator both set up to key sync. Assign Operator E to modulate Operator F at a value of 70 before moving on to the next step. Adjust the release parameter of both operator envelopes to avoid clicking. Now extend the attack of the Operator E envelope to make the delivery of sound longer, if you desire a more garage style bass. For the Full Throttle character, lower the sustain volume and shorten the decay and you will get the more hollow short attack style of bass you have come to know as a classic rave bass. Setting the master detune value to about 80 and you have your Prodigy style bass!

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