The growl bass has become one of THE signature sounds of dubstep, electro house and other popular styles of dance music recently, and FM8 is an absolute gem when it comes to this kind of sound design! Check out this FM8 Growl Bass Tutorial!



So many people are using Ableton Live now as their main DAW to produce their music, so this FM8 Growl Bass Tutorial video will be really helpful for a lot of you wondering how to map things out of FM8 and certain plugins to achieve a more polished and professional vowel sound that has become so popular.

Covering the topics of introducing gentle feedback, using different types of waveforms, harnessing the power of plugins, the flow of audio through Ableton and where to place effects in the chain to get the desired effect, YouTube user L7dev shows each step of his process with an eagerness to share what he knows.

Even though you may not have all of the software used in this FM8 Growl Bass Tutorial, you can surely achieve many of the same sounds through the standard plugins and effects included in both the FM8 synth and your DAW of choice.

Once you have the basic sound designed the way you like it, all you need to do is write, or record, in the automation to modulate the parameters you would like to tweak throughout your song.

It really is just that easy, especially once you have everything properly mapped.

And if you get stuck with the automation, just listen to some of your favorite dubstep and electro house artists to get a better idea of how you enjoy hearing these sounds evolve over time in music.

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FM8 Growl Bass Tutorial

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    Dubstep is the best genre of all time. Keep it goingg haha