This is possibly the lengthiest fm8 skrillex tutorial video you will ever find on the subject of recreating the popular Skrillex style talking bass sound.



Running over 30 minutes in length, this video covers just about everything involved in creating this killer sound from scratch in Ableton and FM8.

From the basic carrier settings to the advanced automation of the EQ settings and everything in between, this tutorial is well worth the time. YouTube user KillerKrazzy has really gone the extra mile in putting this fm8 skrillex tutorial together and a show of support would be appreciated I’m sure.

Selecting the right cabinet settings, EQing the sound to get rid of extreme high and low end frequencies and adding back a huge bass presence through the use of sub bass is the beginning of the process. Then moving into isolating the formants and accentuating them through the introduction of some distortion, filters and choosing the right cabinet style.

There are a lot of other steps in the process before you get to the automation, but there is simply not enough time to cover every single adjustment made in either the video or here in this post…

Getting to see the process of the time spent on finding the right settings and modulations is a nice reminder of why it is so important to support the artists who make the music we love. It really is a lot of work to make everything perfect!

This fm8 skrillex video also has the added bonus of having a song in which the sounds can be heard in. He does digress and chat about various things off the topic of the actual tutorial towards the end, but you may find it entertaining to hear his banter about Skrillex, YouTube and other random topics nonetheless.


One of the best FM8 Skrillex Bass Tutorials

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  • krispy

    I learnt alot from this tutorial. Long but effective!

    Thank you!

  • rob

    This video gets you the basic sound, which is helpful. But at the same time, this alone could have been achieved in a little over 60 seconds. The rest of this video is a waste. It could do without him checking his email at the very least, especially since he shows how much knowledge he actually has on the subject while doing so (when he keeps refering to the F1 F2 etc as non-existant) The F stands for Formant, and they are actually key in setting up any formant filter or vocal synthesis. Of course, he only browses presets in this video and modulates them with no actual knowledge of what he is really doing, which is especially evidenced when he can’t even refer to the bands on the EQ as “bands.” Will it get you the sound? Yeah, it will put you in the ball park. But a little research on the subject will yield much better results than this.