Advanced Wave Morphing in Absynth

Did you know you can use 4 waves for every oscillator? Time to learn about wave morphing in Absynth!

The powers of Absynth are without a doubt the wave morphing and editing functions, you can really transform any waveform into whatever you like.

In this tutorial I show you how to use 4 different waves in one oscillator, we do this by choosing a Double Oscillator and loading a morph wave in both panels.
Once you’ve done that you go over to the Envelopes page and choose “New Envelope” here you can select “Main Morph” and “Mod Morph”, these envelopes allow you to set up rhythmic patterns for the morphing automation.
So you need two envelopes to do this, one for the Mod wave and one for the Main waveform.

You can really go crazy here, it is great for pads where one wave slowly changes into another one, or for fast movement and a lot of rhythm.

Your sound immediately gets a lot more interesting, because there are a lot of different textures going on.
When you are happy with your patch you can also make an envelope for the balance between the two oscillator panels, so you can set up a rhythm here as well!

Wave morphing in Absynth is really limitless, in my example i just used one oscillator, but you can do this with all 3 and get crazy sounds!
Also a very good starting point for heavy Dubstep and Drum and Bass sounds.

One last tip, try modulation the segments of each envelope with an LFO or a Macro control, especially the macros will give you great control over the harmonics in your sound because it allows you to choose the perfect balance between all waves.
If you modulate that macro inside your DAW you’ll end up with a constantly changing (background) texture, this will really enrich your tracks.

Have fun experimenting!

- Jor

  • Chris Linder

    You sir, are a genius!
    Thank you for this great video and the awesome technique!

    • Jorgalad

      Your welcome dude, thanks for watching!